About Casala

Casala specialises in the production of stylish contract furniture that excels in both design and functionality. With our furniture we offer solutions for various spaces and occasions. “Design linked to Functionality” is deeply rooted within the DNA of our organisation and plays a major role in the design process. We work together with leading designers in our industry. One hundred years of experience in the furniture industry guarantees that Casala furniture also offers a lot of comfort and ease of use in addition to good design.


Casala was founded in Germany in 1917. It started with a big factory in Lauenau, Hannover area. Casala still has a showroom and Sales Office here. Casala’s history is more tempestuous than its age would suggest. It all started with the production of wooden shoe soles. It was not long before Casala concentrated on the production of wooden furniture, and later on metal and upholstered furniture as well.

Nowadays Casala is established at Culemborg (NL) with offices in Germany, England and France and produces modern contract furniture with a long lifespan. Technical innovations are first and foremost in its development.


Alexander Begge

Andreas Ostwald

delphin design

Erik Munnikhof

Giancarlo Bisaglia

Jens Korte

Kommer Kors

Kommer Kors & Esquisse

Kressel + Schelle

Martin Ballendat

Murken Hansen


Sigurd Rothe

Zooey Chu



FX Award 2018 Product of the Year


FX Award Finalist 2018


German Design Award 2015 / Interior Innovation Award 2014 / AIT Award 2014 / RCT Innovation Award 2013 / Reddotdesign Award 2012


Reddotdesign Award 2008 / Benelux Office Award 2008 / FX Award 2007


German Design Award 2015 / Interior Innovation Award 2013


IF Universal Design Award 2015


German Design Award 2013 / Reddotdesign Award 2012 / FX Award Finalist 2012


Reddotdesign Award 2012


Reddotdesign Award 2012 / FX Award Finalist 2012


Neocon Award 2006 / AIT Award 2004


Neocon Award 2005


Technique, design and our values are the key elements that guarantee Casala’s quality. Our furniture is produced in The Netherlands and Germany. The parts are delivered by highly qualified suppliers with whom we have been working for many years. Partly due to this, our furniture complies to the latest technical developments and is manufactured with the greatest care. A guarantee of five years on material and construction goes without saying for us. Thanks to the established quality requirements and the production control processes, Casala furniture guarantees excellent quality and a long lifespan.