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Casala specialises in the production of stylish contract furniture that excels in both design and functionality. “Design linked to Functionality” is deeply rooted within our DNA and plays a major role in the design process. We work together with leading designers in our industry. More than hundred years of experience in furniture guarantees that Casala furniture offers a lot of comfort and ease of use in addition to high quality.

Flexible workspaces, modern open office environments and informal meeting spaces are increasingly part of the modern office. Casala’s collection responds to this need. The extensive and high-quality Casala products are focused on creating modular interior solutions where collaboration amongst people is encouraged.


Casala was founded in 1917 in Lauenau, near Hannover (Germany). In the early years, wooden shoe soles were produced there, but soon the change was made to the production of wooden furniture. Over time, the focus was placed on metal and upholstered furniture with a sustainable character. Currently Casala offers a complete collection of high-quality contract furniture and soft seating, circular and refurbished furniture. Casala is established at Culemborg (NL) with offices in Germany, England and France.

Casala Circular

“Our goal in terms of the Circular Economy is simple but effective: successful corporate social responsibility with the focus on a sustainable world.”

We are constantly working on the optimisation and sustainability of our company processes, not just in the development and production phases of our furniture, but also in the recycling phase. Alongside the good ergonomic and functional characteristics of our furniture, with Casala you are also opting for the acquisition of sustainable furniture.

Casala Circular

In Casala furniture, as much recycled raw material as possible is used to minimise the impact on the planet when it comes to mining new materials. Several product ranges within our collection already contain an exceptionally high content of recycled material.

Within the Curvy and Feniks product families, a number of models under Circular Guarantee are furthermore provided with a guaranteed return value. As a result, the new owner is guaranteed a fixed residual value at the end of the usage cycle; the furniture is taken back by Casala and reused to the highest possible level.

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The Bricks program includes armchairs, seating elements, work spots, workstations with a height-adjustable tabletop and seating element, wall systems, cabinets and room-in-room pavilions. All these elements can be combined with each other to create a tailor-made arrangement. This allows Bricks to lend itself to a variety of activities such as meetings, separate quiet work, meetings and lounging.  In this short video, designer Robert Bronwasser talks about his background, the idea behind Bricks and the many versions of this unique, modular seating system.


Metro - IF design award 2024


IF Design Award 2024
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German Design Award 2024


German Design Award 2020 / FX Award 2018 Product of the Year


FX Award Finalist 2018


German Design Award 2015 / Interior Innovation Award 2014 / AIT Award 2014 / RCT Innovation Award 2013 / Reddotdesign Award 2012


Reddotdesign Award 2008 / Benelux Office Award 2008 / FX Award 2007


German Design Award 2015 / Interior Innovation Award 2013


IF Universal Design Award 2015


German Design Award 2013 / Reddotdesign Award 2012 / FX Award Finalist 2012


Reddotdesign Award 2012


Neocon Award 2006 / AIT Award 2004


Neocon Award 2005


Technique, design and our values are the key elements that guarantee Casala’s quality. Our furniture is produced in The Netherlands. The parts are delivered by highly qualified suppliers with whom we have been working for many years. Partly due to this, our furniture complies to the latest technical developments and is manufactured with the greatest care. A guarantee of five years on material and construction goes without saying for us. Thanks to the established quality requirements and the production control processes, Casala furniture guarantees excellent quality and a long lifespan.