During product development, Casala strives to reduce its impact on the environment. During the design phase we already pay attention to the responsible use of raw materials and production technique.

Casala is ISO 9001 & 14001 certified. Almost all of Casala’s suppliers and producers are ISO 14001 certified. This standard has been implemented worldwide for the set up and measurement of environmental management systems. For many years Casala has been working with dedicated suppliers and producers. In partnership with them, we look for new technologies and sustainable raw materials.

Casala is PEFC and FSC® certified. These quality labels guarantee that the processed wood and wood related products come from responsibly managed forests. Ask about our PEFC and FSC® certified products.

The chrome III used meets the strictest requirements for REACH and CSR guidelines. The rinse water that is released during the chromium plating process is purified in our own water purification plant. This includes organic compounds and metals such as nickel, zinc and steel. Oils and fats that are present on the metal to be chromium plated are cleaned in degreasing baths. All new and used liquids are disposed of and then stored in accordance with the PGS15 standard. The entire installation meets all environmental requirements imposed by the government and the Water Purification Board.