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Casala has selected a wide range of materials and finishes for its furniture with passion and dedication. Besides our own material collection, we also work closely with other reputable brands in the industry.

Our latest sample cards can be viewed via the below links. We also offer you the possibility to request a Casala sample. Samples of other suppliers can be requested directly from the supplier.

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Casala plastics felt melamine

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New fabric collection

Our fabric collection has been expanded with a complete palette of new colours and designs that exude quality, diversity and durability. In line with the latest trends, these fabrics bring your interior design concepts to life. We are introducing two new fabrics, Florida and California. The yarns of these fabrics contain up to 100% recycled content, Global Recycled Standard and Seaqual® certified. By choosing these sustainable fabrics, you contribute to our circular goals.

New colours

Extension fabric collection

Our existing fabrics have been enriched with the latest colours, from vibrant to subtle. All colours are carefully selected so that you create the right atmosphere in business interiors. Curious what these fabrics look like in real life? Then simply request fabric samples so you can experience the colours and textures yourself.

Seaqual® Yarn

California fabrics are made from Seaqual® Yarn, a certified high-quality 100% recycled post-consumer polyester yarn. Seaqual® Yarn contains about 10% Seaqual® Marine Plastic from marine plastic litter and the remaining 90% is post-consumer PET sourced from land-based sources.

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