Do you want to include your current furniture in the Circular Economy?

Return your furniture to us. We ensure that your furniture is reintegrated into the production process.  We take unusable furniture and parts and turn them back into a high-quality like new products. That is how we work together towards a sustainable world!

Our circular ambitions has been further expanded with Casala ReFurniture. With this range, we offer several refurbished Casala products, recognisable by the Casala Circular fingerprint. And it doesn’t stop here! In addition to our own furniture, we also give furniture from other brands a second life.

A lot of furniture is discarded after a few years and seen as waste. That’s a shame, because the parts are often far from the end of their life cycle. Most of the furniture in our range can be thoroughly revitalised after years of intensive use.

The end result: a quality piece of furniture as good as new, principally made from used materials, delivered under factory warranty! This reduces the use of new raw materials to a minimum. This is the foundation of the Circular Economy.

Current refurniture offer

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Sell your old furniture!

Are you tired of your existing furniture? Do you have surplus furniture in storage ‘just in case’, but which you know you’re not going to use anymore? Casala can transform commonly used chairs and tables, conference chairs and tables into excellent products for circular projects. We are able to assist you and reduce the worries and cost associated with the disposal of your furniture. And if it is possible, we will give you a realistic trade-in price as well. Subsequently we ensure that your surplus furniture gets a second life.

“Our planet is the biggest winner: furniture is not destroyed, but comes into its own in a new environment.”

Why sell it to ReFurniture?

  • We will take care of the restoration of your old furniture.
  • You save on disposal costs.
  • Your surplus furniture takes on a second life.
  • Less waste. Your furniture is disposed of responsibly with a minimum amount of waste.
  • There can be an additional financial benefit when purchasing new Casala furniture.

Why purchase from ReFurniture?

  • Your “new” refurbished furniture comes with a second life.
  • Less CO2 emissions than buying entirely new furniture.
  • Reducing the pile of waste. You help reduce the pile of waste by giving the furniture a second life.
  • It’s not second-hand, but revitalised sustainable quality furniture with a manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • Choice of colours. A virtually infinite choice in terms of materials (upholstery, tabletop finishing and powder coating).