Location: The Offshore Partners, Rotterdam – NL / Dealer: Rever Interieurprojecten / Photography: Harald Lakerveld


The Offshore Partners, Rotterdam – NL


For The Offshore Partners and its subsidiary Yachts & Cruisers, our dealer Rever designed and built the interior for their new office in Rotterdam (NL). It has become a homely environment with a tough and nautical character that clearly refers to The Offshore Partners’ field of work and expertise. The Offshore Partners is an independent service provider in (technical) project management for, among others, oil and gas companies, offshore wind installations, ship operators and offshore contractors worldwide.

The working environment is a place where various disciplines of The Offshore Partners and Yachts & Cruisers come together. The lunch and meeting area provides ample opportunity for gathering, informal consultation and relaxation. The work zone is arranged from noisy to quiet. Here there are 30 workstations, 4 meeting rooms, 3 focus and call areas and several 1-to-1 seating areas.

Casala furniture was used in each part of the work zone, ranging from a Bricks configuration to Parker meeting chairs, Capsule 1-seaters and Gabo sofas.