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Churches today do not only have a religious function, they are also used for lectures as well as social and cultural events. We are happy to advise you on your choice of church chairs for all such experiences in your church.

We offer furnishing solutions that take into account the construction and character of your church. Our church chairs will effortlessly adapt to your specific location due to its versatile design and give it an appropriate, stylish look. At Casala you will have a choice from many models of (custom made) church chairs in which your personal wishes are central.

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Casala specialises in the production of stylish contract furniture that excels in both design and functionality. “Design linked to Functionality” is deeply rooted within the DNA of our organisation and plays a major role in the design process. We work together with leading designers in our industry. More than hundred years of experience in furniture guarantees that Casala furniture offers a lot of comfort and ease of use in addition to high quality.

Church furniture Casala | worship brochure with church chairs, tables and transport dollies
westminster abbey, london

Case Study

At Westminster Abbey in London, the Curvy chair stands with customised options. The Abbey had defined the ideal church chair in detail, from an aesthetic and practical point of view. The desire was for a church chair made from oak veneer, the backrest bearing the Westminster Abbey crest and lacquered in a set colour that would be resistant to candle wax. From a practical point of view, there was a need for good storage and transport facilities, easy chair linking, a chair numbering system and minimal noise nuisance when moving and setting up the church furniture.

Church furniture Casala | Wooden Curvy church chairs with Zifra digital chair numbering at Westminster Abbey in London
Grote Kerk Naarden - NL

Refurbished church furniture

The Grote Kerk in Naarden (NL) replaced its church furniture after 15 years. After a careful selection of 16 church chairs on seating comfort, appearance, ease of handling and sustainability, Casala’s Curvy was chosen again. The 850 new church chairs, this time with PEFC® certified wooden backrest, were delivered under Circular Warranty. This means that at the end of their use cycle they are taken back at a guaranteed cash value, refurbished and used in new projects.

Church furniture Casala | Wooden Curvy church chairs with Zifra chair numbering at Grote Kerk Naarden (NL)