lynx III

hall chair

st. barnabas church

birmingham / uk

Lynx III

The flowing, soft lines of the plastic shell mean that Lynx III can be used in various situations, for example as church and school furniture. In addition, Lynx III chairs offer the functionality of ultra-fast connectable indoor chairs: 80 chairs can be solidly connected or disconnected in 3 minutes. Lifting the chair just 10 centimeters and place it into the frame of the chair next to it, is all that is needed. No other actions or aids are needed to make a solid connection. As an option, row and seat numbering is available with Zifra, the world’s most advanced battery-free numbering system. Lynx III is available with and without armrests and can be combined with each other. The elegantly designed shell can also be delivered upholstered.


In Casala furniture, as much recycled raw material as possible is used to minimise the impact on the planet when it comes to mining new materials. The Lynx frame contains 80% recycled material, which is currently the highest percentage possible to guarantee a solid product.

Check out a project with Lynx III, Zifra chairnumbering, other chairs and matching tables by Casala.




shell plastic


shell plastic, with armrests


shell plastic, upholstered seat


shell plastic, upholstered seat, with armrests


shell plastic, padded back and seat


shell plastic, padded back and seat, with armrests


fully upholstered


fully upholstered, with armrests


casala lynx hall chair row distance holder

row distance holder

casala lynx hall chair row numbering

row numbering

casala lynx hall chair transport dolly

transport dolly

for 12 / 24 chairs
casala lynx writing tablet

writing tablet

casala lynx hymnbook holder

hymnbook holder

casala zifra stoelnummering chair numbering system stuhlnummerierung numérotation kerkstoel zaalstoel onderwijsstoel kerkmeubilair churchfurniture kirchenstuehle mobilier d'église projectmeubilair contract furniture objektmöbel mobilier contract casala


digital chair numbering


Lynx has an integrated linking system in the frame
Linking the Lynx chair only requires lifting the chair 10 centimeters, and place it in the frame of the chair next to it. This makes Lynx the fastest linkable chair in the world / Lynx has a stackability up to 12/24 on a transport dolly / When stacking the chairs vertically the seats do not touch each other so that fabric and foam can’t be damaged / It is possible to link the Lynx chair in a chair-chair, chair-armchair and armchair-armchair combination for optimal flexibility / The centre-to-centre distance of the linkingsystem is 51,5cm for optimal room capacity. Optionally the chair is also available in a XS version, without armrests. The centre-to-centre distance of the linkingsystem is 50 cm / Lynx complies to the European norm EN14703 : Furniture – Links for non-domestic seating linked together in a row – Strength requirements and test methods / Transport dolly’s and transport systems are available for safe and secure transport of the chairs from room to room or between various locations / Lynx can also be fitted with a right-hand writing tablet /