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Grote Kerk Naarden - NL

In September 2017, the first order with CE guarantee was delivered to De Grote Kerk Naarden. After many years of long-term intensive use of previously supplied Casala chairs, De Grote Kerk Naarden has again opted for Casala.

The Grote Kerk Naarden is a multifunctional building where each week six different kind of events take place. The load on the seats is immense, while it is essential that the load on the surrounding facilities must be minimal. In addition to the design, seating comfort and appearance of the chairs, Casala’s commitment to the circular economy was also decisive in the selection process. After seeing no fewer than 16 chairs from different manufacturers, Casala was again chosen as the supplier.

The Grote Kerk Naarden is currently in the middle transitioning to more sustainable processes. All kinds of things such as lighting, heating and recycling are hot topics. Writing off and destroying 800 used chairs was of course not an option. Casala came up with the solution to offer the chairs a second life. “It is unbelievable that after more than a decade of intensive use, the current chairs can be used to start a second life after such major use” said Marlo Reeders, Director of the Grote Kerk Naarden Foundation. The newly supplied seats are supplied with a circular certificate. This means that the newly supplied seats will be taken by Casala at the end of their cycle of use and that De Grote Kerk Naarden will receive a guaranteed residual value back from the chairs. In addition, after being refurbished, Casala will resell the chairs again with the same quality and warranty conditions as a new chair. This contributes to a more sustainable world, the foundation of the Circular Economy.

Location: Grote Kerk Naarden, Naarden – NL
Photography: Chris van Koevorden

Grote Kerk Naarden