Curvy & Zifra

Westminster Abbey, London

Westminster Abbey


“The Abbey is a very special building and required a very special chair. We had to make sure the specifications were perfect for them, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.”

Alex Grogut, Sales Manager – Casala Ltd.


The Westminster Abbey chair is based on Casala’s Curvy chair. Customised options and features were added and modified to meet the Abbey’s requirements. The seat and backrest are made in oak veneer, stained with a predetermined colour that is candlewax resistant. Casala’s numbering and identification system Zifra is incorporated on the inside of the backrest. The outside of the backrest is engraved with the Westminster Abbey crest. Subtle bump rubbers on both sides of the frame and sound-stack protection mounted on the underside of the seat reduce sound during set up, storage and stacking procedures as well as when they are in use during services and ceremonies.

The transport dolly has a storage capacity of 90 chairs. Due to the heavy weight in combination with the uneven floor, castors with a large diameter help to move the transport dolly easily. The castors are fitted with low-noise bearings and soft grip to protect the floor. The dollies have soft bumpers on all sides and each dolly is equipped with a cover, to protect the chairs against dust and other external influences.