Curvy Circular

Der Grüne Punkt, Cologne - DE

Because of the organisation’s growth and ambitions, Der Grüne Punkt moved to new, sustainable premises in Cologne (DE) in June 2020. In this building, their own recyclates based on almost 100% recycled household waste have been used, including in the floor and various objects in the building. New furniture was required for the meeting rooms,  canteen and other key areas. The necessary requirements were set for the chairs and bar stools, such as good sitting comfort for various purposes, a businesslike look and, of course, a sustainable character. In addition, it was a must that their own recyclate would be used in the furniture.

How special; we produce the raw materials for the shell parts of the Curvy Circular chairs and use these chairs in our office.

Norbert Völl Press Officer – Der Grüne Punkt



Der Grüne Punkt has new chairs with 100% recycled seats and backrests. This minimises the use of primary new materials.


What’s more, the total saving on CO2 emissions for this project – compared to new chairs with standard plastic seats and backrests – is approximately 1340 Kg CO2.


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Location: Der Grüne Punkt, Cologne – DE
Architect: Sabine Szkowron / angestellte Architektin HW Pütz
Photography: Mattias Heynen

100% recycled plastic

recycled household waste

In close cooperation with Der Grüne Punkt, Casala has produced chairs whose seat and back are made of 100% recycled plastic. For both Der Grüne Punkt and Casala, the production of the Curvy Circular chairs is an important project given the demands placed on technique, quality and innovation.