lacrosse I

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Lacrosse I

Lacrosse is a dynamic folding table, ideal for rooms requiring flexible furnishing configurations. The perfect solution for conference halls, meeting venues, classrooms as well at home, in restaurants and canteens. Lacrosse combines functionality with stability. Firm and solid in use, quick and safe to fold up. With a distinctive design which translates into countless table formats and configurations. Whatever configuration you wish to make, Lacrosse is the solution.

In addition to the folding version, the Lacrosse Fix is also available. This version has a fixed four leg frame.


In Casala furniture, as much recycled raw material as possible is used to minimise the impact on the planet when it comes to mining new materials. The Lacrosse I frame contains 80% recycled material, which is currently the highest percentage possible to guarantee a solid product.

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150 x 70 cm, height 73 cm


90 x 90 cm, height 73 cm


round 120 cm, height 73 cm


half round 160 x 80 cm, height 73 cm


trapezium 160 x 80 cm, height 73 cm


casala pliana transport dolly

transport dolly (vertical)

10 tables
lacrosse pliana transport dolly horizontal

transport dolly (horizontal)

10 tables
casala invisible castors

invisible castors

casala pliana frontpaneel

modesty panel

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A lightweight tabletop version made of Albasia wood is available for all versions of Lacrosse
The tabletop is supported by two aluminum support bars to ensure the tabletop remains straight / The tabletop can be fitted with a rubber edge (CS) which prevents damages to walls and other tables / Lacrosse is available with four different types of frames thus giving a wide choice / When folding in Lacrosse type I, II & V with a size under 140cm the legs fold slightly side wards ensuring that stacking the tables remains possible / The legs do not accidentally fold out by themselves when the table is held upside down / When the legs are folded in, a long rubber stacking protection prevents damages while stacking the tables / Many options are available such as modesty panels, bridging tops, electrification, table connectors and castors / Transport dollies are available for horizontal and vertical storage and transport of the tables /