Location: Gemeente Hengelo, Hengelo – NL
Supplier: Gispen
Photography: Chris van Koeverden


The Municipality of Hengelo wanted to use as much circular furniture as possible in its buildings. Approximately 700 multifunctional chairs were needed.

Almost all components of the old chairs have been reused. The chairs had a plastic back, upholstered seat and chromed base.

We reused them by upholstering with a 100% recycled fabric. The original frame was reinforced according to the latest standards and, because the quality of the chrome, after 15 years of intensive use, was still in good condition, was reused without any further coating.

The floor glides were replaced with new ones. The old floor glides that could no longer be used were recycled.

The result

With refurbishment using a minimum of new raw materials, but a maximum of recycled parts and materials, approximately 700 good quality chairs with a 5 year guarantee were delivered to the municipality of Hengelo.

The total saving of CO2 emissions compared to newly produced chairs was approximately 7,140 Kg CO2.