The Association of Insurers required 120 comfortable conference chairs. They wanted chairs with a circular nature or with minimal impact on the world. In the meantime, 400 Feniks chairs had been taken back by Casala from the ‘Diakonissenkrankenhaus’ in Mannheim (DE). The 4-legged chair looked over-polished with a worn-out wooden seat and back due to the use of aggressive detergent.

The chairs were completely disassembled, with the existing backrests and seats covered with a layer of foam and covered with a 100% recycled fabric.

The frames were cleaned, and epoxy coated. The entire unit was re-assembled and fitted with new floor glides. The stacking bumper under the seat was reused. The old floor glides that could no longer be used were recycled. The use of new raw materials was minimised throughout the process and a maximum amount of recycled materials was used in production.

The result

Through refurbishment, 120 good quality chairs with a 5 year guarantee could be delivered to the Association of Insurers.

The total saving on CO2 emissions compared to newly produced chairs: approx. 1,248 Kg CO2.