AXA Barstool

Axa Barstool

Axa combines advanced functionality with excellent sitting comfort. The preformed seat and backrest ensure that you’re always comfortable. This makes Axa the ideal chair for extended events. Axa chairs are positioned just in the desired configuration. The seat and backrest are made of dyed-through coloured plastic. In this way, visible scratches are minimized, and the chairs retain their original appearance. Axa is available in six contemporary colors.

The Axa barstool gives every canteen a stylish, contemporary look. Its footrest features a beautifully designed aluminium strip to prevent damage. Axa bar stool is available in two different heights, making it ideally suited to a variety of interiors.


In Casala furniture, as much recycled raw material as possible is used to minimise the impact on the planet when it comes to mining new materials. The Axa frame contains 80% recycled material, which is currently the highest percentage possible to guarantee a solid product.

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casala axa folding chair axa barstool



plastic back, plastic seat


plastic back, plastic seat


plastic back, upholstered seat


plastic back, upholstered seat


upholstered back, upholstered seat


upholstered back, upholstered seat


casala axa powder coating colours



The Axa chair is a folding chair, 4-leg chair and barstool
Axa is made of polypropylene in a solid color to prevent visible scratches / Available in 6 plastic colors as standard / The Axa folding chair has excellent sitting comfort due to the preformed seat and backrest. storage space / Integrated lock in the backrest the folding chair can be mounted on a wall bracket / wall brackets available for 2 & 4 folding chairs / The folding mechanism is unfolding itself / All Axa models are developed according to EN-16139 , therefore they can easily handle up to 136kg / Folding chair transport dollies are available for 10, 20, 30 and 60 for high volume handling / Fitted with durable POM plastic glides as standard /