Bricks 10 years

modular soft seating program

The modular soft seating program Bricks from Casala’s Palau collection is 10 years!
The reason Bricks was created was the ever-increasing demand for multi-purpose furniture for various activities in open office environments. The result was one of the first and most extensive range of modular soft seating programs. With this modular soft seating collection, you can create new spaces wherever you want. Semi-closed spaces where people can work in peace or just relax. Thanks to its wide range of geometric forms, functions and colours, Bricks fits into every modern working environment.

The Bricks program includes armchairs, seating elements, work spots, workstations with a height-adjustable tabletop and seating element, wall systems, cabinets and room-in-room pavilions. All these elements can be combined with each other to create a tailor-made arrangement. This allows Bricks to lend itself to a variety of activities such as meetings, separate quiet work, meetings and lounging.

designers story

In this short video, designer Robert Bronwasser talks about his background, the idea behind Bricks and the many versions of this unique, modular seating system.

meer over bricks

In the Casala showrooms in the Netherlands, England, Germany and France there are several Bricks setups. Make an appointment to experience the seating comfort and endless possibilities of Bricks for yourself.

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