Palau becomes part of Casala

Palau, premium producer of lounge furniture, acoustic solutions and modular seating systems, becomes part of Casala.

The acquisition of Palau, during Casala’s 100th anniversary year, allows Casala to broaden its product offering and strengthen its service to our dealers, architects, interior designers and end users. Together both collections offer a complete seating portfolio with complimentary table programs. Casala has developed an extensive sales network with its own sales offices in the large European markets. This acquisition opens the opportunity for Palau to increase its sales in the European marketplace by using the Casala sales network.

Casala and Palau will keep their own brand identity but in sales the strength will be combined. The Palau organization will remain the same and will furthermore keep its showroom in Design Post Amsterdam.  Rolf Voorhuis, founder of Palau, will continue to work for Palau. Casala will operate from its showroom in Culemborg as before.

Frank van der Winkel:
The collection of Palau is totally complementary to the existing Casala collection. With this strategic acquisition, Casala completes its knowledge and product portfolio in modular soft-seating systems, acoustic solutions with a unique mix of new products for Casala. The modular seating systems Bricks, Gabo and Corals along with the innovative acoustic product solutions like Container pod and Boston Phone booth will make Casala stronger in its offering to the market.

Rolf Voorhuis:
The opportunity to sell Palau to Casala came at the right moment. Over the last 20 years Palau has developed a strong collection and the brand is well known for multifunctional soft-seating and acoustical solutions. The presence of a strong and healthy foundation in combination with the enormous drive and ambition of Casala to expand the Palau sales in its export markets makes this a unique project.

Both Casala and Palau are committed to constantly enhancing the solutions they offer their partners and customers across the world with a high-end customized and innovative-design approach. Both Casala and Palau stand for eco-friendly products where we focus on providing timeless and long-life design using high-quality, materials and production methods.

For further information please contact:

Frank van der Winkel
Rolweg 10
4104 AV Culemborg
The Netherlands
+31 345 517388

Rolf Voorhuis
Cruquiusweg 111M
1019 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 4633980