Casala Circular

A lot of furniture is discarded after use and considered as rubbish. That’s a shame, because many of the parts are far from being at the end of their life-cycle. Several pieces of furniture from our product portfolio can be refurbished after many years of intensive use. The end result is a piece of furniture with the quality and guarantee conditions equal to new furniture. This process contributes to a sustainable world, the foundation of a Circular Economy.

We are constantly working on the optimisation and sustainability of our company processes, not just in the development and production phases of our furniture, but also in the recycling phase. Alongside the good ergonomic and functional characteristics of our furniture, with Casala you are also opting for the acquisition of sustainable furniture.

Our goal in terms of Circular Economy is simple but effective: successful corporate social responsibility with the focus on a sustainable world.


Grote Kerk Naarden - NL

In September 2017, the first order with refurbished furniture was delivered to De Grote Kerk Naarden in the Netherlands. After a long-term intensive use of previously supplied Casala chairs, De Grote Kerk Naarden has again opted for Casala.

De Goede Doelen Loterijen, Amsterdam - NL

At the end of 2018, De Goede Doelen Loterijen moved to a completely renovated building in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. All eco, environmental and energy measures that have been taken have resulted in BREAAM Outstanding certification for the sustainable design, construction process and operational management of the building. Casala supplied refurbished Curvy chairs and Lynx shells for the auditorium. The used colours refer to their brand identity.