Casala @ orgatec 2018


Orgatec is the hotspot for interiors and design. The central theme for this edition is culture@work with special attention to the creation of a modern working environment. Casala introduces a wide range of furniture that fits the bill perfectly.

In honour of our 100 years of existence, we present Centuro, designed by Andreas Ostwald. Alongside iconic and new functional series, the modular and room-in-room solutions from our Palau soft seating collection are also there.
We are happy to present some latest designs to you!

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During the design process for Centuro, designer Andreas Ostwald was inspired by the form of a tulip. This brings past and present together nicely. Casala is a Dutch company with a rich German history. We are proud to present our 100 year anniversary model, Centuro!

With its variety of bases, Centuro is ideally suited to conference, meeting and lounge settings. Centuro is available with both a low or a high backrest and optionally with adjustable height. The flexible clamp that stylishly joins together the seat and the backrest, along with the curved seat shell offer a high level of comfort.

Centuro is available in a walnut and whitewashed oak finish. Various varnish and colour finishes are also available. The seat can be upholstered according to taste and combined or not with the backrest. For ultimate comfort, it is possible to choose an upholstered seat or a completely upholstered chair. Alongside an outstanding quality of seat, this chair maintains its characteristic lines.



The form and function of Capsule is inspired by a cocoon that guarantees security, comfort and innovation. Kateryna Sokolova designed Capsule to offer a stylish solution to the increasing need for concentration and privacy in office environments.

In large office spaces Capsule is a stylish object that creates privacy without being completely cut off from the surroundings. Here it is possible, for example, to make phone calls or to read without being disturbed. An additional advantage is that Capsule absorbs ambient noise, which benefits the acoustics in the space.

Capsule offers enough room for 1 to 3 people. The duo-upholstery, by which the inner and outer sides are made up of different upholstery, allows for virtually endless possibilities of combinations. This makes Capsule simple to integrate in both new and existing interiors. The stylish base of Capsule is an intelligent construction, by which no joins are visible. The construction is made of oak wood, combined with steel.


zifra III

Zifra is the world’s most innovative display system without batteries, that has extensive display options such as seat numbers, row numbers, letter display, company logos and QR-codes. Depending on your wishes, you can make various display combinations. With the unparalleled range of innovative display options Zifra can be adapted to any imaginable room lay-out. In addition, individual adaptation to the situation is possible.

The Casala Design Team has developed a larger display with an improved resolution for Zifra III. The displays are seamlessly integrated into a plastic, wooden or upholstered backrest. With the flat Zifra display each chair retains its sitting comfort; when seated, the user of the chair does not feel the display.

Programming the Zifra III remote control is fast and simple with the help of a user-friendly application. The new remote control has a very powerful antenna. This makes it possible to transfer the information to the display unit within a range of 4cm. The new remote control is attached to the palm. This makes it possible to set up the room and complete the chair numeration at the same time.

New colours

Casala’s Onyx and Lynx series have four new contemporary plastic colours. Four of the current colours will be continued. This means that you have a standard choice of no less than eight colours! It should now be even easier to integrate this series of chairs into your projects. The plastic shells are produced from polypropylene, reinforced with fibreglass. The chairs are very sustainable and keep their flexibility, which enhances the sitting comfort.


As well as offering functionality and stability the Pliana folding table has another hidden quality. Its price tag! This puts a folding table within the reach of any facilities manager with a limited budget, without having to make concessions on design, functionality and quality.

Pliana has a safety mechanism that prevents the table from unfolding when not required. The base of Pliana is available with a round or square table leg. Optionally, Pliana can be finished on both sides with HPL. Adjustable floor glides are also available. Pliana is available in various forms and measurements.


Casala has a great answer to the request for a multifunctional, accessible table; Blender! A table made up of a base, column and table top. The table is easily set up by attaching the column to the foot plate using a twisting movement. The table top is then placed vertically on the column and the table is fixed by placing the top in a horizontal position. All of this is achieved without tools.

Blender comprises of five different base options. The table heights vary between 40, 74, 90 and 110cm. For every situation there is a suitable height. This allows the user to transform Blender quickly and easily into a poser table or a lounge table. This is handy if it is necessary to change the setting from a reception to a dinner or a lounge situation in a relatively short time. The spare parts are easy and compact for transport and storage. Furthermore the column makes cable management easy in the middle of the table top.

gabo modular

The Gabo series by designer Mario Ruiz is extended with Gabo Modular. The basic principle for Gabo Modular is maximum adaptation to the environment. Privacy, good acoustics and ergonomic comfort all come together in this series. The different elements work together to integrate spaces or to divide them correctly. The possibilities are endless without compromising elegance or comfort.

Gabo Modular offers a large number of shapes which, when combined, lead to a multitude of interesting compositions. Modules are available in several sizes, with different possibilities for arm and backrests. There is a choice of various bases and a screen that is completely in line with the design of the seating elements is also optionally available. In this way, Gabo can be transformed into an object which provides the user with more privacy.

Furthermore, the screen provides better acoustics for the space. Tables with integrated LED lighting and storage space are also available. The base is available in oak wood, stainless steel or varnished in various colours.


In ever more open office environments there is a need for privacy for making a phone call, reading or focused working. Boston works as an attractive, modular room-in-room solution where extra work spaces can easily be created.

Boston has an extremely thin, strong steel housing which guarantees a solid construction. The walls are made from upholstered FSC-certified wood panels which offer an acoustic solution within your space.

Boston comes with ventilation and lighting in the ceiling as standard. Additionally, there are a number of electrical possibilities. Boston can easily be extended with a whiteboard, table and seating elements. Combined with an extensive fabric collection, Boston can be personalised to simply integrate within the space or simply to function as an eyecatching design.


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